Cloud Free Night is an online weather forecast information service, for the benefit of the Australia & New Zealand astronomy and photography communities. It is unique in offering a comparison of the widely available forecasts from the United States GFS global model with higher resolution forecasts from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology ACCESS model.

TESTIMONIAL "Thanks for including Ulladulla in the meteogram ... I'm currently imaging NGC 6744 galaxy down near Ulladulla ... Beautiful night and as usual CFN is spot on ... CFN , an important part of my Astro tool kit ... Thanks very much"
- IceInSpace Member Startrek (Martin) (9 July 2019)
TESTIMONIAL "The usability is great on my iPhone, your invaluable site has led to many successful adventures when conventional predictions were inaccurate and pessimistic. Keep up the amazing work, your users love each and every improvement you are making!"
- Kevin Lurie, Cloud Free Night Facebook post (29 July 2019)
TESTIMONIAL "Running an observatory taking people out on a monthly basis using CFN is my goto. This weekend in Perth it was crazy weather ... Using the metorogram the group ... got perfect clear skies and 10 hours of imaging time and just as we finished packing up to go home it started raining"
- Brendan Mitchell, Astronomy Academy Perth (1 September 2019)

Cloud Free Night displays forecast maps over specific Australian regions and New Zealand, and meteograms summarising the forecast over the next ten days for particular locations. The maps allow you to toggle between the GFS and ACCESS models at any point while the meteograms present detailed cloud information or a summary comparison of the two models.

Cloud Free Night displays the latest Himawari-8 satellite images, Bureau of Meteorology radar images and synoptic charts. The high-definition satellite images are available over many areas covering the Australia and New Zealand regions. The radar images are presented using a modified colour palette for greater clarity. The synoptic charts include the chart overlaid on the satellite image.

Cloud Free Night is operated by a small team from the Australia astronomy community. Please contact us if you would like a meteogram for your home town location or your observing site. We would like to hear of your experience in using, or suggestions to improve, the Cloud Free Night service.